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  • Hiring Manager: the facilitator of the search process within the PageUp system (most cases this will be the department assistant). This is a different definition than currently used on campus where the hiring manager is the person who decides who gets hired.
  • Provisioning: actions completed by campus staff that help the employee be ready for work (CWID, email, blaster card, phone)
  • Onboarding: actions completed by the new employee (e.g. W-4, emergency contact form, benefits enrollment)
  • Approval Process: the series of electronic 'signatures' used to accept PDs, RAFs and HRS forms (dependent on type of employee and campus department)
  • PD: position description in PageUp
  • RAF: called job card or job requisition in PageUp (start the search and hiring process)
  • HRS: called offer card in PageUp
  • Offer: called the offer card or could be the actual offer letter merge document in PageUp

See PageUp in Action

  • Position Description (screenshot) showing part of the Mines PD
  • How to approve an RAF (video) View this page in Firefox to play video or save the video to your desktop and then drag the file into Firefox
  • Mines User Homepage
  • When you bookmark the login page, you will need to edit the bookmark to be

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